Why is it Important for Digital Publishers to Know their Audiences? 

The more publishers know about their audiences, the more enhanced the experience for their visitors, and the better placed they are to deliver a well-defined, engaged audience to their advertisers. When you know how audience profiles change from page-to-page, and on how audiences move through the site, you can personalise content for the readers, thus improving relevance. The greater the relevance, the greater the engagement – in both editorial and advertising. 

How Does Knowledge about Audiences Improve Advertising Yield

Advertisers don’t buy sites, they buy audiences. And the more relevant the content and receptive the audience, the better the return. Audience knowledge brings with it the possibility to place the right ad, in the right context to the right audience. All of which means that the publisher can ultimately charge more for the space; as well as building deals around business outcomes as opposed to media outputs.

How it works

1. Plan and sell: Plan campaigns to reach defined, specific audiences.  
2. Monitor: Are the right people seeing the advertising? How are they responding to different creative executions?   
3. Report: The DMP prepares a post-buy report, summarising how your planned criteria have been met.  
4. Improve: Provide your advertisers with the relevant data to feed into their next campaign,
thus helping to improve the effectiveness of their advertising.

Case Study: MTV

MTV.fi is Finland’s fourth largest media site attracting 3.5 million unique browsers per week with over 200 million page views per month. It publishes a rich array of content ranging from news, sport, entertainment and lifestyle. Although MTV is traditionally a broadcaster, MTV.fi has stood its ground amongst its competitor’s websites that have a history rooted in print with strong display ad sales.

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