Enreach Solutions announces a substantial investment from Finnish venture capitalists Vision+ Fund

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Enreach Solutions received a substantial investment from Finland's Vision+ Fund in September 2015, totalling EUR 750k. This is on top of strategic investments from Spain's leading content management provider Agile Content and the UK’s Mediatel.

CEO of Enreach Solutions Kimmo Kiviluoto said: “We are delighted that Vision+ Fund has shown confidence in us and our products. Their support is a great endorsement in what we’re doing. This investment has significantly helped us to launch the next wave of guaranteed programmatic delivery tools, Audiences Guaranteed™."

Audiences Guaranteed™ has been designed to put publishers' first party data at the heart of the digital ad buying and selling process. It will do away with complicated SSP and DSP tech and the need for intermediaries who at the moment cream off as much as 50% of the digital ad revenues. Built on Enreach existing data & workflow technology, the new tool will allow agencies to segment and target audiences in a much more efficient way. The publisher will be able to efficiently apply their data assets and see a greater yield from the digital ad spend.

Up until now Enreach Solutions has grown organically, developing strong and credible relationships with more than 20 premium publishers across Europe, Mexico and South America. The Vision+ Fund investment has enabled Enreach, which so far has specialised in providing DMPs to premium publishers, to push ahead and further innovate in the digital ad space.

Co-founder of Vision+ Fund and former member of Nokia’s executive board Tero Ojanperä said: “Enreach has created an exciting programmatic direct ad and audience data platform. Audiences Guaranteed™ is an excellent product and one that will not only benefit publishers but advertisers too.”

Enreach’s Audiences Guaranteed™ tool will enable individual publishers or publisher collectives to open their inventories directly to agencies or advertisers who can then construct their plans, segment audiences, buy ad space and monitor campaigns in a single workflow tool. The product aims to replace a lot of the manual work currently undertaken by agencies by automating much of the process, making it more efficient.

Chief Marketing Officer Martin Klode, who recently joined Enreach Solutions from a leading Danish premium publisher Jyllands-Posten said: “Audiences Guaranteed™ will benefit the publisher by elevating their market position, increasing their revenue and lowering their costs through securing smoother processes, reducing manual work and maximising usage of their first party data.”

About Enreach

Enreach helps publishers to turn audience data into profit. Founded in 2010, Enreach is headquartered in Helsinki, Finland, with offices in Stockholm, Aarhus, London, and Miami. Customers include Alma Media, MTV Finland, El Universal, Grupo Expansion, Grupo El Comercio, El Confidencial, Jyllands-Posten, Dagens Naeringsliv, Egmont Publishing, TV2 Norway, and Delfi.

For more information: Martin Klode, +45 40 33 38 58, klode@enreach.me; www.enreach.me