Enreach Solutions sponsors the WAN-IFRA LATAM 2015 Digital Media Conference in Mexico City

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Enreach Solutions is a silver sponsor of the WAN-IFRA LATAM 2015 Digital Media Conference which is being held in Mexico City this week. Enreach, for the third year running, will be part of the leading digital revenue event for the Latin American publishing industry.

This year’s conference will focus on Latin America’s rapid digital transition and will host leading media executives from some of the world’s most prestigious publishers and media outlets, including Chris Moran, Audience Editor of The Guardian; Marc Lavallee, editor of Interactive News of The New York Times; Maha El-Amam, Digital Strategy Advisor at Quartz/Atlantic Media; Mariana Marcaletti , Coordinator of International News BuzzFeed; Jeff Javis, director of Tow-Knight Center for Entrepreneurial Journalism; Jason Mojica, editor-in-chief of Vice News among others.

Enreach Solutions will host a panel discussion tackling how publishers can monetize and manage their digital audiences and first party data. The 45 minute discussion, being led by Enreach’s head of Latin American operations Guillermo Diaz de Leon along with its CEO from Finland Kimmo Kiviluoto, will cover issues such as how to capture and segment audience behaviour and data and how to monetize this information with agencies and brands. 

Diaz de Leon, who in the last 20 years has worked with most of the major publishers in Latin America, said: "The Latin American market is one of the fastest growing digital markets in the world. Publishers in this region are in a critical situation, advertising sales have dropped in their traditional print businesses. With the number of people accessing the internet via smartphones and tablets rising publishers are being forced to transform their businesses into multichannel media outlets. Our panel discussion will aim to share best practice about how publishers can capture, segment and monetize their new unknown digital audiences.

Enreach Solutions, in partnership with Spain’s leading content management provider Agile Content, already provides the DMP solution for some of the region’s major publishers, most notably Mexico’s largest daily newspaper El Universal, the largest media group in Peru, Grupo El Comercio and Mexico’s largest broadcaster Grupo Expansion

Enreach’s DMP Solution gives these large publishers the tools to monetize their first party data. The DMP helps publishers to unlock and understand their unique audience behaviour data to enabling them to create and sell tailored advertising products and personalised content. 

Guillermo Diaz de Leon said: “Enreach is helping publishers to transform their businesses. We are helping them to monetize their digital expansion by enabling them to profile and segment their previously unknown audiences – and provide them with information they can share with brands and agencies to create tailored and personalised advertising products.”.