Interview with our new member Martin Klode

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Martin Klode, former digital business development manager from Danish publisher Jyllands-posten, joins Enreach to become Chief Marketing Officer.

Martin Klode, former digital business development manager from Jyllands-posten, has joined Finnish DMP provider Enreach in a bid to expand operations to Denmark, the Nordics and the rest of Europe. He will head up the new office in Aarhus and will be responsible for securing new business as well as exporting best practice from publisher to publisher and act in an ambassadorial role speaking at key events across Europe.Here he talks about his decision to join Enreach, why Real Time Bidding is a major concern for the publishing industry and how in the future publishers will compete with each other based on their data assets.

Why Enreach?

I have a good understanding of the Danish publishing industry and, having collaborated with Enreach for the last year and a half in my previous role, I believe their DMP product is the best on the market. I have a good network in the Danish digital advertising and publishing industry and I believe Enreach’s DMP solution is so good that they could take over the digital ad space in Denmark.

What’s unique about its DMP?

The DMP is simple and easy to understand. It’s a data analytics platform that even non tech people, like sales teams, are able to pick up and run with very quickly. I worked with Enreach and various competitors at Jyllands-posten and found that Enreach is the only provider that actually tries to simplify the complex digital landscape – instead of making it even more difficult. Its DMP enables publishers to hit the ground running. Unlike with its competitor’s offering you don’t have to build segments or label them yourself. I usually say that Enreach is like the iPhone – you can just pick it and then use it. Its competitors are like the Android equivalents. They can do the same thing and may have more features but they are difficult to use, and you have to read a manual and spend a lot of time getting into the product. I believe Enreach is the easy-going, simplified version.

What is the biggest problem experienced by publishers in the digital ad space?

Real Time Bidding is a huge problem for publishers.  Many are seeing as little as 40% of the original ad spend due to what’s known in the industry as ‘technology taxes’. As a buyer you need a Demand Side Platform tool and as a seller you need a Supply Side Platform tool. Both these technologies talk to each other and each cream off at least 20% of the original ad spend – leaving the publisher with, at times, less than half the value of the ad in revenue. At the same time brands buying the ad space are not guaranteed the ad impressions they bid for. Major brands aren’t aware of how much of their money is being put into the tech industry and how much is being delivered as ad impressions. Enreach is piloting a new Guaranteed Platform that will spell the end for RTB which will be announced later this month.

Why is data quality so important for publishers?

In the future publishers will be able to compete with each other based on the quality of the data they hold. Currently there is a lot of poor data held out there. By ‘poor’ I mean data that has not been validated against other data sources or checked whether it is representative of the population as a whole. For example publishers that solely use questionnaire responses to validate their data claims will have poor data. This is because the people who respond to incentivised questionnaires generally for example tend not to have a higher education or come from a C-level position. Therefore the data they’ve collected is not entirely the truth. Enreach is unique in the way it works with a publisher to collect its data. It combines cookie analysis, survey data with behavioural patterns (which is refreshed this every 24 hours) to reliably predict social demographics user groups. This means publishers working with Enreach can deliver more personalised and successful ad sales, turning their data into profitable actions.

Contact Martin:

Why not call Martin for a chat about how Enreach can help you monetize your data more effectively or book him as a speaker for your next event. Reach out to Martin on email or on Skype: mbklode or call him on Denmark +45 40 33 38 58.