What we do

A publisher’s 10 step guide to using the Enreach Data Management Platform:

  1. We gather information about your audience based on observing what people read, when, and via which device (via a tag) and using on-site surveys (designed in conjunction with you).
  2. We define your users’ interests based on the content they read – using granular information (like ‘Premier League football’ or even ‘fans of a particular team or player’) not just on broad categories (like ‘sport’).
  3. This data is combined with information collected from bespoke surveys run on your site. These typically include demographics such as gender, age, disposable income, education level, employment, presence of children, as well as other questions that might be relevant to your needs (such as the audience’s propensity to buy certain products or services, or their values and attitudes).
  4. The bespoke survey responses are fused with the interest data to create a fuller picture of your audience.
  5. This approach delivers an accuracy rate far higher than can be obtained through inference or other indirect methodologies.  
  6. Your audience is segmented into categories designed to suit your business needs (25 is our standard number, but that can be increased or decreased depending on your needs). These become dynamic profiles as the data is continuously refreshed.
  7. You can use this data to move readers through your site (by recommending further content based on user preferences) as well as to show them ads of specific relevance to them, and gain insights from reports into your audience’s behaviour.
  8. Your sales team can instantly know the amount of ad impressions they can sell by format, campaign date & audience criteria.
  9. You can use the data Enreach generates to work collaboratively with your advertisers to create tailor-made ads for different  audience segments.
  10. The Enreach Audience Radar product allows you to track the effectiveness of the ads you carry and to demonstrate to your advertisers how the audience has engaged with each individual execution, on and off your site.


Do I need to rebuild my website to use the Enreach DMP? No. We install it onto your site. The process is easy and fast.

Do I have to alter my site to accommodate the Enreach DMP? No – we just add our tags and build the connections to appropriate already-installed technologies (like your adserver).

Do the tags you put on interfere with my site’s performance? No – although we continually monitor this with our customers.

Where does the data go once it’s been collected? The data is held on secure cloud servers. Each installation is separate – there is no chance of your data leaking to a competitor.

Who owns the data you collect? You do. Your data remains your property at all times.

How long does it take to for the Enreach DMP to start generating usable data? Typically it takes between 6 and 8 weeks to collect, process and analyse data. We need tocollect data for a period of time at the start of every new installation to establish patterns of behaviour on your site.

How easy is it to report the findings to my management? Very! Our reporting system is easy to use and understand. We have a support team on hand 24 hours a day to help should you need it.