Case: MTV

Client overview is Finland’s fourth largest media site attracting 3.5 million unique browsers per week with over 200 million page views per month. It publishes a rich array of content ranging from news, sport, entertainment and lifestyle. Although MTV is traditionally a broadcaster, has stood its groundamongst its competitor’s websites that have a history rooted in print with strong display ad sales. Its sister site, the largest webtv service inFinland, attracts over 800,000 users per week and is heralded asMTV’s commercial success story. Both sites have been using the Enreach DMP for more than two years and have attributed their success against larger media companies to this tech.


Before using the Enreach DMP MTV conducted quarterly panel studies to understand its audience’s behaviour and preferences on both its sites. But when the rate of consumer digital content consumption rose dramatically fiveyears ago it became clear that this method was too slow and outdated. Back then MTV began to seek out an instant audience data analysis solution – a tool that would give it a competitive edge and something that would help it to grow its display advertising sales on site. During this period MTV realised its campaign reporting methods, such as analysing page impressions and click rates, were insufficient and that the data it was collecting was only telling part of the audience’s story.


MTV understood that segmented targeting would be one of the key ways to grow its display ad sales and attract new advertisers to its site. It partnered with Enreach to deploy a DMP solution that would fit the needs of thisbusiness strategy. In addition it co-developed a workflow tool that would enable its sales team to instantly tailor make ad campaigns which would allow them to instantly know the amount of ad impressions they could deliver byproduct, campaign date and targeting criteria. This would become extremely valuable to the sales team.

Results was the first media website in Finland to install and use the Enreach Audience DMP tool. It has been giving the site a competitive edge for more than two years. During this period it reported a 25% increase in user engagement levels as a result of targeted advertising campaigns compared with non targeted ad campaigns. It also witnessed an increase in its users viewing time – people were staying on its site 10% longer than they normally would do. 

In the two years that has used the Enreach DMP it has expanded its display ad sales, increased its in screen impressions and offers its advertisers a competitively priced CPM rate (to rival the traditional publishers).’s sales team have found the Enreach DMP easy and quick to use – especially the ability to check if live campaigns are meeting their projected targets. The audience insights tool allows the sales team to see instantly who is engaging with the ads, the number of impressions beingviewed (based on criteria such as a user’s age, gender, income, and education level) plus they can print the results in PDF format to send totheir clients. 

Such has been the success of the Enreach DMP tool that other media organisations have been quick to adopt it too. Now Enreach’s DMP is fastbecoming the industry standard in Finland.